Unite Online Wills


Please find attached a copy of a “Factsheet” that defines what is a Basic Will and a Complex Will, together with the “discounted costings” for Unite members for additional Legal Services.

Fact Sheet

BBH – Costs Beyond Basic Will

The service now in place provided by Unite’s specialist law firm requires you to provide your instructions using an online portal. 

The next step you need to take is to confirm your instructions by following the link:  https://www.thompsonstradeunion.law/trade-unions/unite

It has become apparent that some members are still accessing the old will system from ‘Unite wills’ that we no longer use. Google, if used directly by members, unfortunately gives old information – we are in the process of getting this removed, however, in the meantime it is important to make sure that members are using the link above.

On this web page, please scroll down to the link titled Unite Online Wills Service.   Enter your instructions and you will then generate your will documents for immediate electronic download.

You will need your membership details:

  • Sector
  • Region: West Midlands
  • Branch
  • Membership number

Please note that it is only by following this process and completing the unique interactive wills interview on line that instructions can be given. The process takes no longer than 20 minutes.

Basic wills / mirror wills are free for Unite members / spouses. The online system has been designed to reflect the Basic Will features to enable the creation of a Basic Will (see attached factsheet) Any feature exceeding the basic provisions, will cause the Will to become Complex and take creation of the Will outside of the online procedure.  If any information inputted suggests that your Will is more Complex, you will be frozen out the system and then you will be contacted by BBH Legal to discuss the discounted costs in advance of you  deciding your next steps. This will be by phone or email, therefore, please regularly check your emails.

Where members have no access to the internet or requires assistance in completing the on-line form, please contact RMU (Retention Membership Unit) 0121 647 4300 or email member.contactwm@unitetheunion.org and someone will contact you to make arrangements to come into Regional Office where assistance will be provided.

Finally, should it not be possible for an on-line application be completed, in exceptional circumstances, please also notify the RMU and they will arrange for someone to contact you direct to discuss other options.