Our latest updates from the world of Force Contact.

Latest Update -  19/11/2018

Sue Austin - Lead for Force Contact

Following Unite's  first consultation with Force Contact SLT we have the following to report which we have raised concerns with:


Unite were given a copy of the draft shift pattern which was being sent out to contact staff in a pack, this is then up to each member to look at the shift pattern and decide whether you can or can’t work it.

Flexible/part time and 3 x 3 x 3 workers will be asked to review their current working patterns against  the proposed  draft shift pattern

The emphasis is on A MUTUAL REVIEW with an expectation that staff, where possible will be flexible and take into consideration, the start and finish times of the proposed shift pattern

There must be a realisation that the Force Senior  Leadership Team want all shift patterns across the force to fall in line with Force Response and their current shift pattern.   This for those members who have been in the Force for a number of years will see it as going full circle.    They do not wish to continue with 12 hr shift patterns as it has been realised ( we told them from the start) the resilience that 12 hr shift patterns should bring, regarding sickness, annual leave and training doesn’t exist, so therefore whatever happens,  12 hour shift patterns will cease

All staff in Force Contact will be requested to attend 1-2-1 meetings with a supervisor.  Please remember as a member of Unite you ARE entitled to have representation – this is your RIGHT!

Staff attending the 1-2-1 meetings that have a current flexible working shift pattern should be reminded that the meeting should be seen as a review of your current pattern and not a change to your current pattern.


The selling points from management's point of view from what we are being told is the shift pattern has 30%  resilience built in which will help with the current annual leave issues


We have requested that before staff can make an educated choice they should know the allowances of what the proposed draft shift pattern will bring them.

We have also raised the issue of different sections of staff within Force Contact working outside their contract of employment i.e. taking 999 calls.


With the exception of ‘exigencies of duty’,  movement of staff from one control room to anther should be minimal


Regarding working hours on a PHL staff SHOULD  work their normal rostered hours as per the Police Staff Council Handbook


With the new shift pattern staff WILL  be able to take their breaks midway through a shift


We have raised the issue with Force Contact SLT  re staff using public transport in the early hours of the morning – Contact will seek to  explore all opportunities to resolve and apply understanding in these cases to other departments.

Police staff do NOT have to use their car to travel to another location.


We have been informed the Health and welfare of staff with this shift pattern is much better for staff, it will introduce a shift pattern that matches demand – which ensures the right amount of staff on duty at the right time.   Force Contact have agreed the 12 hour shift pattern was a stop gap for  a short time, and it would allow for staff rotation of roles – as we are aware  this did not happen

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