Workers Fighting Back – Tuesday 30th March at 7pm


You are invited to this important meeting about ‘Workers Fighting Back’  which will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday 30th March at 7pm. Please see the attached flyer for further information.

Members are rightly worried about the attack on workers’ rights as a consequence of the pandemic and with the government’s track record on trade union rights combined with the potential impact of Freeports in our region.

This meeting will be co-chaired by Howard Beckett & Laura Pidcock and will be an opportunity for workers across the West Midlands to come together and to hear from some of our reps about how they have managed to fight back and organise in the workplace in the face of the crisis and in these political circumstances.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and make contributions.

Please click the following link to register for this event:

Register to join the event via the link above and we look forward to welcoming you on the evening.

In solidarity,

Annmarie Kilcline
Regional Secretary
West Midlands