Unite – We are in this together – Our new video during this pandemic


We all keen to ensure that our communities are aware of any developments regarding the pandemic lock-down – This week we launched our take on how The Waiting Room is there for all with our new animated video. Like many other organisations working at the grass-roots level, we want to assure you that Common Unity remains fully committed to the safety and health of our communities. There is a raft of information out there on the internet and through the daily news broadcasts that shows the lockdown is cautiously being eased over the next few months but there are still, for the foreseeable future, clear must-do’s if we wish to continue beating this virus.

This includes:
• The regular washing of hands
• Strict social distancing measures
• and making sure surfaces are being kept clean

In Birmingham and Solihull, like anywhere else, we need to be able to access information and services quickly and easily to support our own overall health and wellbeing and to know who to contact when we need help. So in response to the current pandemic, The Waiting Room now holds dedicated pages concerning Covid-19 as well as a huge range of other service options, whatever you need. Remember we are all in this together and need to be there for each other.

More information regarding Coronavirus and the Governments guidelines can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus #Coronavirus #COVID-19 #COVID19 #TheWaitingRoom #TWR #Birmingham #Solihull

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