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Plus a welcome bonus of a £10 Shopping Voucher*

Did you know NHS Dental treatment costs have just risen again by another 5%? You may be surprised to learn that in England a crown now costs £269.30, a filling costs £62.10 and even a single check-up and a scale & polish costs £22.70 a time as you can see on the NHS Choices website here . With the annual price of just a couple of check-ups, a filling, a crown and a scale & polish now over £380, how long before getting your teeth insured becomes as important as insuring your car, your home or even your mobile phone?

With our Unite NHS Dental Plan there’s no cost to apply and once you’re a member, the price you pay is not affected by your age increasing or by the amount of times you claim. It is also a monthly plan with no annual commitment.


Our dental plan is offered at an exclusive rate for Unite members, their friends and family. Via this email only, you can all access this special rate and get a £10 Shopping Voucher for each policyholder you register*. Each policyholder you register will immediately be covered for £500 each year towards their NHS dental treatment costs.

Apply Now: Get £500 of NHS Dental Cover

If you have any questions about the Unite NHS Dental Plan please contact us here or call Freephone 0800 464 0765.

*Your £10 High Street Voucher(s) will be despatched as soon as you have made your third monthly payment. You will receive one £10 High Street Voucher for each policyholder you register so if, for example, you also sign up your partner and a dependent then you would receive £30 of High Street Vouchers.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In order to make your first claim, you must have been to see your dentist within the last twelve months for a full examination. Any pre-existing condition or ongoing treatment is not covered; only new dental conditions that occur after joining are covered by this plan. Cover is for NHS dental charges only as per the English banding charges and no cover is provided for any private dentistry charges on this plan. You can join the plan if you are aged between 16 and your 70th birthday; there is no age limit to stay on cover. Please note: if you are treated in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales you will be reimbursed for NHS charges up to the NHS England banding limits Policy terms and conditions apply