Support for Sharon


I am truly honoured by the support I have received from every sector, every region and equality group across our union. Ballots will be sent out from July 5th and this Get The Vote Out pack will help to get your branch and workplace ready for the ballot period.

Materials can be ordered and assistance can be provided for bespoke literature for your branch by contacting our team at  The announcement of the Turner-Beckett ticket, along with the Gerrard Coyne candidacy, now completes the Westminster Brigade. I am the workplace candidate and I am standing to ensure the voice of Unite members is heard. The two other candidates offer no more than the settling of old scores and the interests of Westminster politics. It is the Westminster Brigade versus the Workplace. Collective bargaining is under attack. Jobs are under threat and pay and conditions are being supressed. Our focus must be on workers. I want their voice to be heard.

This election is about the future, not settling old scores from the past. This election must be about who can get a better deal for working people. We have the track record. We have the real plan to save jobs and protect pay. We have the industrial breadth of support to win.

Unite members want a real choice of someone who actually wants to do the job for them in the workplace. I am the workers’ candidate, I will be giving them that choice.

Thank you for being part of the campaign to change our union. It’s time to get back to the workplace.

In solidarity, Sharon Graham