Pay and Conditions Review


On Wednesday 20 June 2018 the joint trade Union where invited to a meeting with the chief whereby we were informed of the forces decision to review pay and condition and the project will be over a time frame of about 18 months.

Why now;

The chief made it very clear it is not a cost cutting exercise and if we would of tried to do it any earlier it would of got mixed in with the force downsizing.

The chief reiterated;

This is not a cost cutting exercise nor is it a spending spree the budget for Police staff pay will not increase or decrease, it about modernising, fit for the future.

The full components of the project is not clear as yet nor is what will be completed in what order.

Unite will be at the front influencing decisions, negotiating, putting our member concerns and thoughts forward.

Unite will have a section on our web site dedicated to this project with a questions and answer section, a members question, concerns or ideas form.

Please review Unite website regular for any updates.