Joint Trade Union Update – FC Staff

Force Contact

Joint Trade Union Update – Force Contact

We met with SLT and HR on Wednesday 19th July at 14:00 hrs where they informed us of their final decision following the closure of consultation.  The joint trade unions did not make comment yesterday at the meeting asking for time to digest the information provided.  The presentation supplied by the SLT stated that staff would be informed on Monday 24th July which we believed would give the TU’s time to reply, this clearly has not been the case.

The joint Trade Unions were not surprised by the outcome and they are now consulting with their Regional Officers with any next steps and our proposals will be circulated to members as soon as possible.

The joint trade unions would like to request that all union members please monitor Unite and Unison Websites and your emails whilst we are seeking Regional advice.

The advice that we are seeking is a possible failure to agree, indicative ballot for industrial action or any other legal avenues open to us.

Unions are only as strong as their members whilst we would seek to address the final decision made by Force Contact the Trade Unions will need your voice whilst continuing to oppose these changes.