Help us stop the health and care bill


The health and care bill is the wrong prescription for the NHS. Oppose it. 

Time is running out we need you to act now to defeat this Bill.

Sharon Graham Unite General Secretary

“The government’s new Health & Care Bill is a Trojan horse for more privatisation, cronyism, austerity and a licence for politicians to run down and sell off the NHS.

“Attempting to drive this through whilst we are still in the middle of a pandemic and without a care for staff and patients is a disgrace, Unite is opposed to this disgraceful bill and we will lead a serious and effective campaign to ensure this bill is stopped.

“We need you all to act now, wherever you work, whichever sector, community, retired, or young members we need you all to get involved and defeat these plans that will give our NHS to profiteers at the expense of staff and all patients.”

If this Bill is passed, all of us will be impacted – we need you all to act now and write to your MP to demand they oppose this Bill.

Write to your MP

NHS staff and patients will be left in a vulnerable position with this Bill leaving the door wide open for Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) to cherry pick services and undermine current working practices.

APMS contracts have been described by legal professionals as “the private sector’s gateway to providing primary health care to NHS patients”. They allow companies that are not owned or controlled by medical professionals to run GP surgeries.

Write to your MP

This Bill is deeply flawed and creates pathways for health systems that are based on models developed by the private insurance industry in the USA and elsewhere, controlled for profit against patient care.

We must not let this Bill pass and destroy the universal and patient care driven service we all cherish.

Our NHS needs investment not more privatisation – help us defeat this Bill and take action now.

Thank you