Get the vaccine- we are


Dear Colleague   I am hugely proud of the role our union’s members, reps, officers and staff have played in supporting the people of this country through this time of crisis.  

I am incredibly proud too that it is our members who are engaged in the development, distribution and administration of the vaccines that will keep us safe and give us hope of a better tomorrow.  

But we know our work doesn’t stop there. We now have a role to play in promoting the uptake of the vaccine because we are only protected when we protect one another.   Our members look to us for support and advice. This is a huge position of trust so we have produced a film and materials to help you answer any questions or concerns about the vaccine that our members may be putting to you.  

We know that some members may be worried about getting vaccinated. Hopefully, this film and these materials will help you address these fears and our members to overcome them.  

The film and materials have been developed in consultation with our health and safety experts and the union’s Covid-19 Taskforce. They have drawn from the best scientific and public health advice to develop these materials, explaining clearly the process behind the development of the vaccines and exploding some of the myths that are doing the rounds, unhelpfully, on social media.  

We take our duty to keep our members safe extremely seriously, and thank you for everything that you have done in this regard in this extraordinary time. Please watch and share the film (the long and short version), and use the materials as you can, in your workplace. They can all be found on the webpage

Vaccine webpage

In a time like no other, this is a union like no other. The vaccines to protect us against this horrible disease are an incredible and hopeful development, a bridge to a safer world, and the chance to live, work and travel as we did before.  

Please do help our members feel safe, confident, and proud to ‘get a jab’.  

Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe,  

With thanks and solidarity