Children in Need 2019


I would like to bring to your attention my annual activity which is
raising money for the children that are in need of our help. It is very
personal to me, so please can I ask for your support?
You probably all know my story behind the annual fundraising for
Children in Need.  Having great difficulties during the labour and the
unknown around whether your child will see the daylight was rather
scary. My story had a happy ending but not every parent was
fortunate as me to have a healthy child.
Please let’s support all those that are doing their best to help and support their children that are suffering from all types of illnesses and
disabilities. Together we can do it!
You have been very supportive over the years for which I am very
grateful. This is my 5th year fundraising for Children in Need, and I cannot be prouder of your support.
If you wish to make an online donation, you can visit my Just Giving
Alternatively you can send us a cheque payable to BBC CHILDREN IN
NEED. Your big heart and generosity will be greatly appreciated by those that are in need.  The cheque can be posted to or handed in to: Mel GosiaBulhak, Unite the Union, 6 Holt Court North, Heneage Street West, B7 4AZ
Please read my story to see why this is so important to me.
I am a mum to a 6 year old Vanessa. Being 3 months pregnant I
experienced massive bleed – thinking ” this is my baby gone”. I was
asked to wait 4 days in order to see the doctor to confirm miscarriage. But I didn’t! You know when you have to fight for your child…
I went to my local gynaecologist to check what was the cause of my bleed. It was an infection. Nothing that couldn’t be treated with course of
antibiotics. Relief! A massive relief!
On 6th April 2013 Vanessa have made an appearance. The whole processwasn’t as smooth as I expected. My placenta detached causing me
another bleed which resulted in Vanessa lacking oxygen. I was rushed
into theatre for an emergency C-section and had to be put under the
general anaesthetic as I previously suffered from disc problem and had
two surgeries. Spinal block was not an option. My family were told that
they could not guarantee that both of us would come out alive… but we
And we have SO MUCH to be grateful for. Everyday is a blessing.
Everyday we are thankful for good health.
So as long as we can, we will be helping the less fortunate children!
Please open your heart and make a difference. Every donation is special. I would also like to invite you to attend my annual event which is takingplace in Friar Park Millennium Centre in Wednesbury Ws10 0JS 
12-1700 hrs. Please see poster attached
Kindest regards Mel Gosia Bulhak
Regional Organiser