A Unite Christmas message to all Unite members


We realise it’s been a stressful time for many staff across the force that are and have been affected by shift patterns changes and/or reviews.   As always, our team of representatives across the force are committed to helping and supporting those affected and Unite are working tirelessly with the force to try and minimise the disruption to staff having to change and/or make adjustments.

With a continued  shrinking work force Unite understands that flexible working, part time and job share issues are high on the agenda, there continues to be a high level of conflict due to the number of requests being submitted.    We will continue to support our members on an individual basis in trying to reach a reasonable outcome.

This year, our WMP Unite membership has grown yet again, we  are so proud of this and of the representation we provide to our members when needed.     We’re still the largest Unite police branch in the country, that is down to the hard work of all the Unite reps within West Midlands Police, we have recruited a number of new reps but are still looking for more.

At Unite, we care for our members and it’s not all about representing staff, we offer a wide range of benefits from free legal advice to consumer benefits such as reduced rates on mortgages and insurance, half price RAC breakdown cover and the UKs best mobile phone deal too.

The reason I am proud to be a Police staff employee is because, even though all of the unrest, shortages of staff, workloads increasing, changes to shift patterns – police staff still give one hundred per cent; they keep going which shows the continued commitment to the public we serve.

We have many challenges yet to come Control works, Connect, the Commonwealth Games to name just a few.

Drink driving. Drinking and driving risks lives, not just that of the driver and their passengers, but other innocent people using the road. It can result in a criminal record, the loss of a driving licence, or a fine of up to £5000 and you may even lose your job. More seriously it can kill or injure someone and leave the driver facing up to 14 years in prison and having to live with their actions for the rest of their lives. Sleeping it off after a night out. Or drinking a strong coffee doesn’t mean you’re fit to drive. Alcohol takes time to work its way through your system and you could find yourself over the limit the morning after.

Christmas is a time for fun and celebration. We don’t want to spoil that but are asking everyone to remember, please be a safe and responsible driver this Christmas, please don’t drink and drive.

  • Please don’t drink and drive, if you do go out, please ensure you nominate a driver or get a taxi try and book in advance.
  • If you are working the next day after being out the night before, please do not come into work smelling of alcohol or still under the influence, the health and safety of others in the work place is important
  • Look out for each other when you are out, stay together don’t go off on your own
  • Be careful what you post on social media – too often we see comments or photo’s that could put you or other in a compromised position.

May I wish all our members, as well as their family and friends, a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Let’s spare a thought for those who have lost loved ones this year, our thoughts are with you.

Finally, let us thank those police staff,  PCSOs and police officers  who are working over the festive period to keep us safe, as well as those dedicated police volunteers and Special Constables. On behalf of our members, we really do appreciate what you’re doing and quite simply, thank you.

Just food for thought, Every Christmas marks the end of the year and infuses new hope for the coming year. I pray that all of us find new hope, new opportunities and new heights in the bag of Santa Claus that make us happier, healthier and better individuals. Let us always be the best person we can be.

May I take this opportunity on the behalf of all at Unite to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Sue Austin                                           Carl White                               Lee Nash

Chairperson                                        Branch Secretary                   Dep Branch secretary