2019 Subs Increase


A small rise in subscription, some major improvements in benefits

In 2015, Unite made a commitment. To avoid a general subscription increase for as long as possible our subscription fees have stayed at the 2015 rate for the last three years.  However, a lot has happened in the UK since then and the time has come to increase basic subscriptions.

This will take effect from 1st January 2019, but rest assured, the union is working harder than ever to provide value for those fees. Your continued support means we will always be able to fight for your rights in the workplace and society. The good news is that Unite are also increasing the benefits to members on our enhanced membership rate.  As a result, members in the greatest need will have even greater assistance in difficult times.  Plus our members and their families will have the benefit of added financial security.

Enhancing benefits for all our members

We are rightly proud of our benefits package.

No Trade Union in the UK and the Republic of Ireland offers such comprehensive support.

So we are especially delighted to be able to increase the financial protection we offer our members and their families. Whilst employers have been cutting the number of benefits they offer their employees, Unite wants to offer benefits that make a real difference and provide a partial offset to the benefit cuts imposed by employers that often have the greatest impact for those on lower pay.

Benefits that make good reading

From 1st January 2019, benefit rates will be:

1.       Our sickness benefit will be payable for up to 51 weeks of absence (Maximum £1,275)

2.       Maternity and adoption benefit will be payable for up to 39 weeks (Maximum £390)

3.       Fatal accident and total permanent disability benefits up to £25,000

The table on the next page highlights all the available benefits for our enhanced members.

All are available to you for just 30p extra, per week. This is all in addition to great support in the workplace, a funeral benefit, support in times of dispute, legal services and a range of services and discounts with our affiliated partners.  If you are not an enhanced member why not call your local office today to upgrade?

Member Enhanced Benefits*

Enhanced Benefits* Now After 1st January 2019
1.        Two Tier Sickness benefit    
o    No proof of reduction in salary £10 p/w for 25 weeks
(Max 250)
£10 p/w for 51 weeks (Max £510)
o    With proof of 25% reduction of gross taxable income £25 p/w for 25 weeks
(Max £625)
£25 p/w for 51 weeks (Max £1,275)
2.        Fatal Accident** £25,000 £25,000
3.        Total Permanent Disability** £25,000 £25,000
4.        Equivalent Occupation Permanent Disability** £10,000 £10,000
5.        Total Temporary Disability** N/A £5,000
6.        Loss of Limb/Eye benefit ** £10,000 £10,000
7.        Loss of Digit (Fingers/Toes)** £500 per digit up to £5,000 £500 per digit up to £5,000
8.        Maternity/Adoption benefit £15.00 p/w for 10 weeks
(Max £150)
£10.00 p/w for 39 weeks (Max £390)
9.        Paternity benefit £15.00 p/w for 2 weeks
(Max £30)
£15.00 p/w for 2 weeks (Max £30)
10.     Convalescent benefit Up to 2 weeks stay at The View Hotel in Eastbourne Up to 2 weeks stay at The View Hotel in Eastbourne
11.     Funeral benefit Up to £500 Up to £1,000

Membership is your insurance against being treated unfairly, bullied or harassed.

Unite provides you with a free 24 hour legal helpline (0800 709 007), gives representation in disciplinary and grievance hearings and recovers financial compensation for accidents at work. Most importantly, Unite provides you with an independent voice at work.

Unite: 100% for you. 100% behind you

Unite continues to be the most effective Trade Union in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and has achieved enormous successes across all sectors.  These successes have also been in sectors that have traditionally had the most difficult terms and conditions.  Our ground breaking tribunal victory over holiday pay secured a significant increase in wages for thousands of our members.  Over the last 12 months we have conducted literally thousands of workplace negotiations on your behalf, without the need to consider industrial action.

Where members have chosen to take industrial action, they have enjoyed significant victories such as British Airways Mixed Fleet and at Birmingham Council.  All these outcomes are due to the solidarity and support from Unite through our financial support of the dispute benefit and our professional core of full time officials.  So we are also rightly pleased to announce a further significant increase in the Dispute Benefit from £35 per day to £50 payable from day one of any dispute.  These improved benefits will help our many members at work and in their wider lives.

Something we can all be proud of.

Yours sincerely

Len McCluskey

General Secretary